Renewable Energy Activities in EULS

Here you can find a short overview of the research activities that are done in our University.

Biomass from energy crops

  • Biomass from grasses and traditional agricultural crops (reed, timothy, reed canary grass, rape, galega etc.); it’s use as a biofuel.
  • Production and managing of semi natural communities.


  • Bioconversion of wastes and biogas production from Estonian energy crops.

Short rotation forests

  • Growing and use possibilities of short rotation Salix plantations.
  • Plant production and eco-physiology.
  • Estonian resources for biomass production as an energy source.
  • Growing of short rotation forests (Betula, Alnus and Populus species etc.) on former agricultural lands;
  • Biomass production of short rotation forests;
  • Resource and cost-effectiveness research of short rotation forests.

Biomass from forestry

  • Biomass from traditional forestry (lumber wastes etc.), biofuel resources and production technologies.

Technological solutions of bioenergy production and usage

  • Technologies for harvesting and processing biomass.
  • Production and use of renewable energy.

Economical and social aspects of biofuel production and usage

  • Studies on rural economy;
  • Analyses on manufacturing costs of agricultural production and rural markets;
  • Economic analyses of small and medium size companies.

The University also deals with research of environmental and landscape protection, multiple use of biomass production systems:

  • Wastewater purification
  • Landscape planning
  • Semi-natural communities
  • Impact of afforestation on field soils
  • etc.