Elis Vollmer

Centre of Renewable Energy in University of Life Sciences

Acting head of the Centre

Tel: +372 56 641 404


The office is located in campus of University of Life Sciences in Tartu, Estonia at Kreutzwaldi St. 5, room 2C14.

Phone: +372 731 3268



Contacts of the research groups of renewable energy in our University

Biomass from energy crops

•Biomass from grasses and traditional agricultural crops (reed, timothy, reed canary grass, rape, galega etc.); it’s use as a biofuel.

Henn Raave: e-mail:

•Production and managing of semi natural communities.  

Marek Sammul: e-mail:



•Bioconversion of wastes and biogas production from Estonian energy crops.

Kaja Orupõld: e-mail:


Short rotation forests

–Growing and use possibilities of short rotation Salix plantations.

–Plant production and eco-physiology.

–Estonian resources for biomass production as an energy source.

Katrin Heinsoo: e-mail:


–Growing of short rotation forests (Betula, Alnus and Populus species etc.) on former agricultural lands;

–Biomass production of short rotation forests;

–Resource and cost-effectiveness research of short rotation forests.

Prof Hardi Tullus: e-mail:  (Hybrid aspen studies)

Veiko Uri: e-mail:


Biomass from forestry

•Biomass from traditional forestry (lumber wastes etc.), biofuel resources and production technologies.

Peeter Muiste: e-mail:


Technological solutions of bioenergy production and usage

• Technologies for harvesting and processing biomass.

Prof Jüri Olt: e-mail: ;

• Production and use of renewable energy.

Prof Andres Annuk: e-mail:


Economical and social aspects of biofuel production and usage

–Studies on rural economy;

–Analyses on manufacturing costs of agricultural production and rural markets;

–Economic analyses of small and medium size companies.

Ülle Roosmaa: e-mail:


The University also deals with research of environmental and landscape protection, multiple use of biomass production systems:

–Wastewater purification

–Landscape planning

–Semi-natural communities

–Impact of afforestation on field soils