CEESEN Bootcamp

The aim of the bootcamp is to develop further the cooperation among the CEESEN members that bring together the positive change towards creating a low carbon community in Central and Eastern Europe.

The bootcamp targets specific CEESEN members who are considered as key actors leading the process of transition to more sustainable energy regimes within their community. The Bootcamp participants have a chance to spend time with the group of twenty thoroughly selected experts from ten CEE countries.

Our goal is to provide as much value as possible, which you can apply in your everyday professional activities. The Bootcamp will strengthen your capacity to develop and elaborate the energy visions and energy action plans for the communities you represent. Participants will be able to be involved in new international project initiatives.

The bootcamp will cover all strategic aspects of the energy roadmapping, developing it further into action plans and actual projects. In addition, it will give valuable input to strengthen this with effective stakeholder mobilisation and marketing activities.
Bootcamp participants will have the possibility to participate in two field trips – to the geothermal power plan and energy efficient renovated block building in Budapest.

The language of the Bootcamp will be English. We need you to bring your own laptop, if possible, as it will make doing some exercises more convenient and simpler for you.

All the training sessions will require active participation and will include both theory and practical exercises. Bootcamp participants will be asked to familiarize themselves with the guidebook and study the Regional Energy Profiles developed by CEESEN beforehand.



CEESEN Bootcamp training sessions will be run by experienced trainers from CEE region and will include both theory and practical exercises. 

Agenda of the bootcamp

The Bootcamp will consist of five full days of intensive interactive training under highly experienced trainers from the CEE region.


Address:  Budapest-Margitsziget, 1007 Budapest, Hungary     GPS Coordinates: N 47°31'57" E 19°3'11"


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This training is organised within the PANEL2050 project “Partnership for New Energy Leadership”. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No 696173. Disclaimer: The sole responsibility for the content of this material lies with the authors. It does not necessarily represent the views of the European Union and neither EASME nor the European Commission are responsible for any use of this material.