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Start-ups for Solar Energy Communities

The StartSun ("Start-ups for Solar Energy Communities") project was born from the need to help and encourage the starting and leading of energy communities in the Baltic Sea region, by both the local governments, small- and medium sized enterprises, local citizens, and interest groups.  

StartSun offers solutions to the challenges relating to starting an energy community, as it includes creating the necessary knowledge bank, sharing information on documentation, as well as leading pilot projects. Using local resources, this increases the energy independence of the Baltic Sea energy sector and helps retain local jobs in the communities.

This need stems from the general European call for locally produced sustainable energy, related to both energy security and EU’s climate neutrality goals of 2050. Following all sustainable energy directives and the various applicable laws, regulations and obligations is often complicated for regular citizens, which is an important obstacle in the creation of energy communities. Additionally, a lack of technical and financial know-how is often a factor. Therefore, to popularise the starting of energy communities, and to sustainably support the newcomers, it is helpful and important to share both practical materials and successful pilot examples. The goal is to introduce the interest groups to possible strategies and models, and to encourage them in taking the initiative. 


The key outputs of the project are:

  • A start-up package of materials for energy communities
  • A feasibility calculation tool for starting energy communities


The coordinating partners in Estonia are Estonian University of Life Sciences together with Tartu Regional Energy Agency TREA.
Our role in this project is to lead the communication and dissemination of the project and to support the piloting of the StartSun approach with our know-how, engage with local stakeholders and train interested groups. 

StartSun started in November 2023, and, among other partners, includes six piloting communities. In Estonia we are piloting in Obinitsa and Kääpa villages, that will be the rolemodels of novel energy community approach.


The project is funded by the European Union INTERREG Baltic Sea Region programme until the end of the project on October 31, 2026.

The project is led by the County Administrative Board of Östergötland. Other partners in the project include: Zemgale Regional Energy Agency (LV), Estonian University of Life Sciences (EE), Uppsala University (SE), Green Net Finland (FI), Society "Green Liberty" (LV), Tartu Regional Energy Agency (EE), Åtvidaberg municipality (SE), Jelgava City (LV), Jekabpils County Council (LV), University of Tartu (EE), Co-operative Seto Aiad (EE), Kalevipoja Koda Foundation (EE).